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The MSJ Green Team

Members of the Mount St. John Green
Team (left to right): Gene Ketter, Tom
McCrate, Patti Gehred, Jeff Sullivan and
Tara Poling

The Mount St. John Green Team seeks the support and involvement of the MSJ community to educate ourselves and the community about environmental issues, assess our relationship with the environment and to initiate ways to improve that relationship.


New! Wildflower Hike April 15, 2009
Click here for more information.
Click here for a sample of flowers we may see.
Click here for information on how to pack a waste-free lunch.

The Green Team has a new email address. Questions about how to recycle at MSJ? Suggestions for a future program? Curious about a particular environmental topic?
Contact us at

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)
Recycling on the MSJ campus

 "The Green Team program was outstanding!  Everything was very well done . . . from the demo lights to the hall of lights to the test to the power point presentation it was all great informative, yet informal. The Green Team experts were helpful as well as knowledgeable. Thanks for conceiving of and presenting such a fine program."  CFL Festival Participant

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